Kannaway Company was created in 2014. It is based in California and they sell several health products and run in a multilevel sales format which requires getting individuals to sell their items. The company got acquired by medical marijuana Inc in 2015.

About Kannaway LLC

Kannaway LLC was the 1st direct marketing entity to provide cannabis items and until now it is at the top in CBD and hemp fields. This entity encourages its members to come up with their personal hemp items distribution businesses which can improve the wellness of humans.

Since Kannaway CBD oil was established, it has had an upward trend and it has even expanded into international fields thus improving revenue earned. They ensure to maintain focus on the best health items like CBD oil, hemp clothing, energy chews, nutrition powders among others.

What type of products are available for now?

Kannaway CBD oiland all its other producesare created from natural botanical substances and even from herbal blends. Kannaway products for sale in the past used to be only available to loyal families and were produced by distinguished herbalists and medics only. Kannaway review products include:

  • Skin care
  • Nutrition 
  • Value packs
  • CBD
  • Essential oils
  • Hempy’s 
  • DNA test kits

Brand advantages and disadvantages


  • All their items seem good. There are very few negative Kannaway CBD reviews. More and more people keep buying Kannaway stock each day.
  • A customer can purchase what the company manufacturesand receive a commission from selling.
  • The multilevel marketing structure gives people an opportunity to build a team and earn a commission from people in your network.


  • Success depends on recruits

Just like in every other multilevel marketing process, one’s success depends on how the individuals he/she recruits perform.

  • Market saturation 

Additional laws are being passed and more individuals are getting access to medical and recreational CBD oil and cannabis. And there are still many other things getting produced. This makes the multilevel selling process of these items difficult to promote.

  • Cost

Most Kannaway product reviews have shown that this company offers good things. But there are many complaints when it comes to Kannaway stock price. In most Kannaway reviews, customers say they are quite expensive.

  • Legal issues

Hemp and marijuana are legal in various regions. But there are still places where they are illegal. Individuals in those regions cannot buy or sell Kannaway products.