cbd tea recipe

Why should you try CBD oil tea?

Nowadays, more and more people are discovering the healing properties of marijuana. For example, the plant is a very effective natural painkiller, able to stimulate appetite and suppress nausea, which allowed hemp therapy to gain popularity among cancer patients. In addition, various studies confirm the effectiveness of marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as diseases of the digestive system, such as Chron’s disease.

Cannabis also has obvious anti-inflammatory properties, and some doctors and consumers attribute it to the ability to suppress the growth of cancerous tumors. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Dr. Ethan Russo, one of the leading specialists in hemp medicine in the USA, calls hemp “the most universal therapeutic plant that exists in nature.” “No other plant I know has such a wide range of healing compounds in its tissues,” he says.

What Are the CBD Tea Benefits?

One way or another, doctors believe that smoking marijuana may not be the most effective and safe way to consume it. For this reason, the hemp food and beverage market is developing very rapidly in the United States. Many consumers believe that eating marijuana is a safer and longer-term alternative to smoking and evaporating its extracts. Therefore, let’s consider 5 advantages associated with the consumption of marijuana in the form of CBD tea:

  • Powerful analgesic effect;
  • The effect in the treatment of diseases of the immune system;
  • Neuroprotective effect;
  • Improving the digestive system;
  • The effect of a sedative and antidepressant.

How to Make CBD Tea

As the British wisdom says: “a good cup of tea in the morning sets the tone for the whole day.” Indeed, what could be nicer than a hot cup of tea before a busy day? Only the same cup of tea, with the addition of hemp extract. Below is a list of ingredients and tools, as well as a cooking guide, following which you can easily make yourself a cup of another stimulating drink. Here is a CBD tea recipe.


  • Half a gram of hemp cones
  • Half a tablespoon of butter/coconut oil
  • One and a half glasses of water

So how to make a CBD tincture? Thoroughly clean the raw materials from fragments of branches and seeds of hemp. Cut the cones into small pieces with a knife, or rub them in the grinder. Note that we will need exactly small pieces of cones, so don’t grind the raw materials into powder.

Combine hemp and a piece of butter in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients so that THC is absorbed into the oil. This step is necessary because THC will not be absorbed by the body if it is not in an environment that dissolves fatty compounds.

Add the resulting mixture to the tea bag/infuser, and close it tightly (the bag should be tightly wrapped with thread).

Pour water into a saucepan and put it on medium heat to bring it almost to the boiling point. It is important that the water is sufficiently heated, but not boiling, so as not to damage the compounds in the raw materials. Immerse the hemp bag in water for 30 minutes.

Turn off the stove, remove the bag from the pan, and pour the prepared tea. The drink goes well with milk and honey.

As our experience shows, it begins to act approx. 30 minutes after consumption. The effect of such a method of use, on average, lasts about 8 hours. At this point, you’d better refrain from driving vehicles or working with hazardous materials and equipment.


Be careful, watch for doses of CBD oil in tea. High dosage of oil can adversely affect human health, so you need to be careful. You can not immediately take a high dose since the body is not used to such a product. First put a few drops, next time more and so on. At the time of hemp exposure to the body (8-10 hours), it is not recommended to drive a car, work with hazardous equipment, and be in unsafe places. In any case, it is a cheap, simple, and effective substitute for cannabis.

A unique drink recipe provides a simple but effective alternative to smoking marijuana. Have the best CBD tea party!