Green Mountain CBD which is now called Sunsoil CBD was created in 2016 by two individuals who grew up together in New York. They were Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein. Alejandro worked as the head of Agriculture in a hemp farm in the past. The two took a fifty-two acre farm in Harwick and worked showing attention to detail in all farming aspects. Their present revenue is two million dollars and they offer full-time jobs to twenty workers with other seasonal jobs.

After their 1st season, they were given two hundred and fifty thousand dollars by Evergreen capital. This deal, however, fell through due to some differences. In 2018, they got seven million dollars in venture capital funds from One Better Ventures. In 2019 is when they stopped using the name Cbd Green Mountain.

About Green Mountain (Sunoil) CBD Company

Sunsoil CBD oil company offers the best hemp products and they also assist their clients with the best cannabinoid products. They utilize full spectrum plant extracts that have terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids to ensure the entourage effect. They do not include marijuana in their production and all their products are properly tested and they adhere to all state and hemp regulations.

What type of products are available for now?

Green Mountain CBD stock comprises of many items. See them below:

Oil and tinctures: They come in many forms and flavours. There are those which are purely cannabinoid and others are full plant products like cannabinoids.

Isolates: These are cannabinoid crystals which are extensively refined from hemp.

Capsules: There are different capsules and each of them has a certain amount of cannabinoid, normally it ranges from ten to twenty-five grams.

Gummies: They come in many textures and flavours. They might contain sugars or preservatives.

Topicals: They come in soaks, lotions, balms, and salves. These are absorbed by users through the skin.

Vapes: Cannabinoid vaporization is meant to provide cannabinoid via the lungs. The effects of vapes are felt faster compared to all other forms of items this company offers.

Brand advantages and disadvantages


  • Green Mountain CBD oil is a goal-driven company which is transparent.
  • According to most Sunsoil CBD reviews, thecompanyoffers pure and cheap items
  • The CBD oil green mountain company is managed by farmers who know a lot about plants and farms.
  • They offer good items for general wellness and chronic conditions.


  • Edibles are not offered.