Cheeba Chews cbd

Since marijuana is now in the mainstream, the ways of consuming it is a major consideration. It can be vaped or smoked but not many people like to do it that way. This is why there is an option to order Cheeba Chews online which sells it as edibles.

Cheeba Chews has been producing marijuana edibles since 2009. This producer has even won Cannabis Cups 3 times and they are available in eight hundred dispensaries in California and Colorado. America describes CBD Cheeba Chews products as the favorite and the producer is popular for consistency and high quality produces that come in many varieties and flavors.

About Cheeba Chews Company

Since 2009, Cheeba Chews online has maintained one clear mission which is to offer the top, potent and discreet cannabis products. The company has managed to be successful because of its high standards laboratory tests, product infusion, and patience.

People now have something that they can always depend on. From sick people who need Cannabidiol for non-psychoactive relief to the people who need Tetrahydrocannabinol, Cheeba Chews CBD edibles are thoughtfully produced and properly infused.

The goal of the producer is to offer the best cannabis-infused edibles, the best customer service and create a dependable and enjoyable product for consumers.

What type of products are available for now?

Cheeba chews cbd provides varieties of Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, and taffies. They have various tastes and clients can enjoy orange, strawberry and chocolate tastes. They include:

  1. Indica chocolate taffy: This one is good for pain and mental problems. 
  2. Pure CBD: This one has 100mg of hemp and other ingredients such as glucose syrup, sugar, cooking oil, cocoa, and milk.
  3. 1:1 chocolate taffy: This product contains CBD, THC and some organic ingredients.
  4. Green Hornet line: These are ten milligrams gummies with many flavors. The flavors include apple, watermelon, mixed fruit, and grape. 

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The biggest edge for Cheeba Chews for sale online edibles is their effectiveness and portability. For items which have high potency, it is easy to carry like twenty in the pocket or in a purse than most of its rivals. THT treats, for instance, take almost a similar amount of space as a real Tootise Roll takes. Apart from that, it cannot melt the same way as regular chocolates because they are taffy.
  • Cheeba chews perform laboratory tests making sure the dose in each item is consistent. People are assured that when they order cheeba chews online, they will get similar effects each time.


  • The company needs to improve the texture and flavor of their products. They have a pungent taste which can put off first-time users.
  • Candy purity also needs to be improved. At times it has grainy solids which make them unpleasant to take.

Cheeba chews online company only produces edibles. They should consider producing oils and transdermal items too and even have something for pets as well.