cbn vs cbd

Difference Between CBD and CBN

So what does CBN stand for? Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that is found in small quantities in cannabis plants (Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa).

Do not confuse this component CBN vs CBD (cannabidiol)- these are completely different substances! CBN cannabinoid is the breakdown product of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in marijuana plants. Since CBD is a result of the oxidation of THC, the relationship between these two cannabinoids becomes apparent. The higher the level of THC in hemp, the higher the level of CBN, which means that it will have a stronger effect on the human body.

The content of CBN oil reaches its maximum concentration in inflorescences and cannabis leaves by the time the crop ripens.

CBD and CBN at The Molecular Level

The cannabinol molecule has a structure similar to that of adipose tissue. Due to their similarity, these substances easily penetrate the brain. It is known that the human brain uses adipose tissue as an excellent toxin blocker, which is why CBN binds so easily to brain structures, positively affecting cerebral circulation. Cerebral circulation is enhanced, which in some cases even prevents an apoplexy stroke. The highest concentration of cannabinol was seen in areas of the brain that are responsible for emotions and short-term memory.

The psychotropic CBN effects on a person cannot be compared with the effects of THC. Canabinol acts 10 times weaker!

How Does CBN Affect The Body?

Let’s talk about CBN benefits. What is CBN oil and why should you use it? Cannabinol is an analgesic that has the ability to relieve pain.

  • That is why this component is used in countries where it is allowed, in the treatment of pain symptoms in AIDS, oncological diseases (in particular, the component relieves pain after chemotherapy sessions), multiple sclerosis;
  • CBN is able to induce appetite and restrain vomiting, which is very important in the treatment of diseases such as cancer or anorexia;
  • Cannabinol helps to reduce intraocular pressure, which makes it an excellent drug for the treatment of glaucoma – a disease associated with an increase in intraocular pressure. It was found that CBN acts on the special cannabinoid receptors CB-1, which are located in the eyeball, which explains this effect;
  • Scientists believe that if we compare CBD vs CBN, it is CBN that determines the sedative effects of marijuana, helping a person to relax, get rid of anxiety and severe symptoms of stress, relieving insomnia and depression;
  • CBN can stimulate bone growth and experiments in this direction may open up the possibility of using the substance in the treatment of osteoporosis.

How Long Does it Take for CBN to be Removed From The Body?

The duration of the presence of CBN in the human body will depend on a number of features:

  • Human biometric indicators: weight, metabolic rate in cells, age, general health, height;
  • The dose of cannabinol received in the body;
  • Duration and regularity of cannabis use.

It is known that cannabinol accumulates in human fat cells, this substance is excreted naturally through urine. Cannabinol in the urine can be present for a long time, as research data show. From a few days to 30-40 days (in cases where the use of marijuana was chronic).

There are special tests that allow you to evaluate the content of cannabinol in the body.

Despite the undeniable medical potential of cannabinol, in many countries this substance, like THC, is on the banned list. However, in a number of countries where its use for medicinal purposes is permitted, CBN-based preparations are widely used, and studies of this substance represent a promising area of ​​applied medicine

Features of cannabinol

Cannabinol is one of the components of marijuana. This substance has a psychotropic effect on a person due to contact with body sensors. Even in ancient years, this product was an indispensable remedy for convulsions, pains and insomnia. For well-known reasons, cannabinol is now banned in many countries, although recently some states have begun to show loyalty to it. This trend has been the result of studies that indicate that the substance has a positive effect on the health of people with cancer.

There are two ways that cannabinol gets into the body – through the lungs and through nutrition. The effect comes within half an hour after the start of use and lasts a maximum of 5 hours. If a person uses the substance for its intended purpose only once, then he is faced with the following consequences:

  • Increased craving for food;
  • Accelerated heartbeat, which leads to increased pressure;
  • Expansion of the pupils of the eyes;
  • Drowsiness (occurs in 1-2 hours);
  • Dry mouth.

The presence of an element in the body can be seen using special equipment. Cannabinol lasts a long time, but a urine test should be done at a later date. Other methods in this case will no longer be effective.

The tendency described above extended to single use. If a person constantly fills his body with cannabinol for various reasons, then its elimination can take up to two months.

In no case do not abuse the substance. If you are addicted to it, then expect the following consequences:

  • short-term memory loss;
  • mental disorders, and each time they increase;
  • opening the way for the development of malignant tumors;
  • worsening reaction and concentration;
  • decreased sexual function (applies to both men and women);
  • life ceases to be interesting.

Use cannabinol in moderation and then your actions will bring results!