cbd pills vs oil


Hemp, in recent times, has enjoyed a bit of upgrade that makes it more acceptable in society. With cannabidiol, CBD for short an extraction from hemp that is non-alcoholic, you get to enjoy the health benefit of hemp. The CBD is very popular for its therapeutic advantages on the various ground, and if you are curious as to what the CBD entails, how about we take you on a journey that brings clarity? 

What are CBD pills vs. oil? 

CBD pills are in already proportioned capsules. They have specific measurements per pills, and they can come either in hard capsule or gelatin-based softgels. Like other supplements, they are taken orally with water, and even though pills are often used interchangeably with softgels, they are different. CBD oil is the fusion of cannabidiol and carrier oil. They are commonly referred to as tinctures even though they aren’t alcoholics. It often ingested with droppers that show volume.

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil Softgels and CBD Oil Capsules?

Although CBD oil softgels and capsules are sometimes used interchangeably, they have two major distinctive features. The CBD pills are often hard, and it has to be digested before it starts work. This action makes it less strong than Softgel, but it is vegan approved. The CBD oil Softgel is made of gelatin, which is often derived from livestock, majorly, cattle, and pigs.

Carriers and Flavors

Common Carriers in CBD Tinctures:

Carriers do more than just serve as the body in which CBD is carried through the body to the endocannabinoid receptors. They give distinct flavors to the CBD oil and also provide other health benefits depending on what the carrier is. Although the major carrier is the MCT coconut oil, there has been development in this area as it’s now mixed with natural carrier oils such as; Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Black Cumin Seed Oil.

Common Carriers in CBD Oil Softgels or CBD Oil Capsules:

The common carrier of the CBD oil Softgel is the hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, and MCT oil. This various blend has other health benefits we advised to research before picking the one that most suits you. 

Common Flavors in CBD Tinctures:

The liquid form in which CBD tinctures are gives it various palatable flavors options. This is a great deviation from the initial earthy taste CBD oil, which you might find unpleasant.

The primary blend in which CBD oil is produced is coconut, peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, and orange. However, if you have a knack for the earthy, grassy taste of your CBD oil, then you can go for the all-natural. 

Common Flavors in CBD Oil Softgels or CBD Oil Capsules:

If you want to go use CBD oil without having to go through the grassy taste or any taste whatsoever, the Softgel is highly recommended. Since you are swallowing it, it spends little to no time on your taste bud.

How does dosage work?

Pills are the best when it comes to dosage, as it’s generally 25mg per pills. This means taking one will do the trick. The CBD oil tinctures, on the other hand, require you to take just half of the dropper as some take from 10 to 50mg of CBD.

Serving Size of CBD Oil Tinctures:

CBD oil tinctures you total control of the serving size through the dropper to match what you really desire. But as this could be an advantage, it also has its downsides as some droppers do not mark volume on it, which makes it almost impossible to measure. 

According to research, a more significant percentage of 1oz bottle has their droppers holding about 1ml of liquid, although not all. We have noticed that some do not fill up to that as they only reach about 3/4 ml, which is different from the serving size given on the bottle. Here is an example to help you better understand this.

A 1oz bottle has about 8mg per 1ml and for droppers that fill up to 3/4, which means it holds just 0.75ml. With this calculation, you will only be getting 6mg instead of 8mg. 

Serving Size of CBD Oil Softgels or capsules pills:

One of the perks of CBD Softgels is that it offers a specific and consistent serving size. Its usage doesn’t call for much preparation like shaking the bottle or measuring the liquid in the dropper to get a particular quantity of serving. 

What is the ease of use?

The two forms of CBD are made to perfectly fit different situations. The pills, for example, are more natural to use compared to the oils. This can prove to be suitable for busy people that do not have much time. The pill can be taken in a couple of seconds and be done with. Also, since pills do not come in flavors, you wouldn’t have to worry about any unappealing aftertaste. 

If you are open to a more versatile method of consuming, then the oil is the way to go. It can be added to drinks or food, so you wouldn’t have to feel as if you are taking medication. When considering oils, it’s advised to check the method prescribed by the brand you are purchasing. Oils also come in different flavors like coconut, vanilla, orange, and peppermint if you do not want the herbal taste that comes with the unflavored oil. 

How to Use CBD Tinctures:

When planning to use CBD oil tinctures, shake the bottle for a couple of seconds before filling your dropper to satisfaction. Spout the tinctures under your tongue and hold for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

How to Use CBD Oil Softgels:

CBD Oil Softgels is quite easy to use since half of the work has been done and infused into the Softgel. To get a better result, it’s best to take after a meal, especially a high-fat meal. So, to take the CBD oil Softgel, all you need to do is take it out from the bottle and ingest with water. 

What is the Bioavailability of each?

Bioavailability simply means the quantity of something that gets to the bloodstream. In our discourse, CBD tends to be more effective if it has high Bioavailability.

Bioavailability of CBD Oil Tinctures

Now that we know what Bioavailability is, it should be noted that tinctures can be broken down easily by the body since it’s in liquid form and its ingested under your tongue, which makes it quicker to get into your bloodstream as opposed to its pill counterpart. 

Bioavailability of CBD Oil Softgels and CBD Oil Capsules:

CBD oil capsules have the lowest Bioavailability. This is because it has to be digested before it works. Hence the result might not be as strong as you would have expected. Softgel, on the other hand, has high Bioavailability too. This is owing to their gelatin structure, which is very easy to breakdown. An effective way to increase the absorption rate is by taking a high-fat meal before taking it.

Which should you take?

Candidly, these two forms of CBD oil has its perks of usage. And since our lives are different, it’s best to go for the one that best suits the time you have considering they relatively have the same duration. So, if you are wondering which you should take, you only need to ask yourself if you are seeking a form that is easy to use or the one that has a stronger effect? And you need to know if you will pick convenience of use over flavored forms. Answering these questions will give you a better idea of the form of CBD oil that best suits your personal life. 

The Takeaway 

Even though the two forms of CBD pills have their perks and downsides, we are certain after reading through all the information we have given on CBD oil, you will make a very good choice when picking the type suited for you.