Currently, the market is full of CBD, which is presented in a wide range of products for every sort of hemp consumer. They can be oil, joints, vape pens, edibles or even cigarettes. CBD patches are one of the products forms. They are similar to birth control or nicotine patches, but the aim of usage is different. To make such goods the manufacturers get them infused with isolates or oil. Consequently, the next thing people want to know is what they are used for and whether they are beneficial indeed. In this review, we are going to provide information regarding that.

What are CBD patches?

As mentioned before the product is a small plastic enriched with cannabidiol. This product delivers all the advantageous properties of the substance to the human body. For example, to relieve the pain, the consumers are required to apply the piece to any venous part of the body. This can be the arm, ankle or the inside of the wrist.

The molecules of the substance will be released due to the body heat and transferred into the bloodstream and to other parts of the body — this way the CBD oil patches can be used to treat many health issues from anxiety to cancer.

How do CBD patches work?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is one of the compounds of the hemp plant. In fact, the herb contains more active substances such as THC, CBL, CBT and CBG, but cannabidiol is one of the two most active ones. 

As soon as applies such a piece onto the skin, a drug concentration gradient is set up. The pieces include a lot of cannabidiol which spreads out. The good thing about using such method of consumption is that cannabidiol molecules bypass the lungs, stomach and liver. They are body filters, so they are highly likely to break down the compound. It implies that when utilizing transdermal CBD patches, the users receive all of the cannabidiol medical potentials. This way, the human body receives the substance slowly and in portions through the skin and capillaries. 

Generally speaking, the work of the treatment implies that the bloodstream is to spread the compound all over the body. There are still some things for producing companies to consider. The molecules of cannabidiol found in the hemp plant happen to be too big to be absorbed by the skin efficiently and get into the blood without making use of some extra technological support. That is why there is a number of companies holding patent applications to develop oil patches. They rely on the utilizing of microneedles. This allows cannabidiol to penetrate the skin more successfully and transfer the molecules of the compound to the areas where they are required. 

After that, the compound is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is found within the human body. The system is responsible for numerous processes that are crucial for the everyday life of people such as sleep, appetite, mood, pain, nervous and immune systems. The endocannabinoid system regulates and balances those processes, and the compound helps to maintain them.

Types and differences of CBD patches 

They are subdivided into two types – reservoir and matrix. Although they seem to be the same, there are some differences and the significant ones. 

First of all, they are constructed differently. The design of a matrix patch implies that cannabidiol is infused into the matrix. In most of the cases, the area is the adhesive. As soon as there is a contact of the skin and the adhesive, the molecules start moving from the part where the concentration is high to the part where it is low. In other words, the skin begins to absorb the compound. The dose which is going to be received by the consumer depends on how much of the compound the matrix contains. The size of the patch is also important for defining the amount of cannabidiol to be absorbed.

Reservoir patches have received such a name due to the fact that the beneficial compound is kept in a reservoir placed inside the piece. The design of this product implies that the substance is kept in solution, which happens to be a gel in the majority of the cases. The reservoir releases cannabidiol with the help of a rate controlling membrane which is placed between the reservoir, the adhesive and the consumer`s skin.

The reservoir ones have been used for approximately 40 years so far. Moreover, such form controls the delivery of cannabidiol. This means that the user does not get a high dose at once but receives it in portions. That is why the reservoir ones are considered to be better and more effective in comparison with matrix patches. 

When looking for the best CBD patches for the pain, the consumers should remember that it also depends on the manufacturer how efficient the product is. Consequently, they should buy from reputable and reliable companies only.

How to use CBD patches? 

If the users put CBD patches for pain relief on those parts of the body where there is a thick layer of dense skin, for example, the medicine is highly likely not to be absorbed fully. 

It will be more effective if the consumers place it near a shoulder or knee joint. The reason for it is that there is less fat near the joints as well as the layer of muscles is thinner. The users should also choose the locations where there are a lot of blood vessels. The good part is that there are always directions in the package, so they should not find it hard to perform.

Benefits of CBD patches 

According to the CBD patches reviews received from the consumers, the product obtains the following benefits

  1. The goods are a discreet form of consuming the substance. Furthermore, you will not find a more discreet method in the market right now. Every patch lasts for some time; consequently, there is no need to apply another one too many times.
  2. Some pieces are formulated for specific purposes. There are some pieces that can deliver some particular cannabinoids for definite health issues. This way, the treatment is more effective.
  3. Transdermal pieces tend to last more time. Unlike many other consumption methods, the cannabidiol ones can last for several hours. This is because the molecules of the compound are released slowly.
  4. It is simple to use transdermal CBD patches. This method is one of the easiest and most convenient ones. All the enthusiasts have to do is to put in on and take it off. 
  5. They deliver accurate dosage. When it can be difficult to measure the necessary dose making use of other products, this will never happen when applying them as they deliver the required dose all the time. 
  6.  Such treatment is gentle on the users` throat and lungs. Smoking cannabidiol cigarettes, for instance, can irritate these parts of the body. They do not produce any smell, smoke or any kind of respiratory irritation.

Effects of CBD patches 

The beneficial effects of this treatment are directly connected with the outstanding properties of cannabidiol itself. This method of consumption is effective and very useful for those who want to get cannabidiol into the system. It helps to relieve symptoms or provide treatment quickly.

They are used to cure a wide range of health issues. Here is a list of what such treatment can perform:

  • kill bacterial growth or low it down;
  • relieve chronic bone and muscle pain;
  • make bones grow;
  • prevent the spreading of cancer cells or even kill them;
  • manage inflammation;
  • eliminate the risk of artery blockage;
  • improve appetite;
  • treat psoriasis and other skin problems such as acne
  • help in case of vomiting and nausea;
  • can be used as a means of preventing nervous system degeneration;
  • manage psychosis;
  • provide the reduction of the levels of blood sugar;
  • relieve anxiety;
  • improve sleep;
  • suppress seizures;
  • reduce muscle spasms.

The mentioned effects are not all the things that the substance can do. In fact, cannabidiol is a strong derivative which can treat type 1 and 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Parkinson`s and Alzheimer`s diseases, obsessive-compulsive disorders and many more. 

Side effects of CBD patches 

Many years of using such products have shown that CBD itself is a well-tolerated substance which makes using it relatively safe. Although there are some people who experience some insignificant side effects, the majority of the consumers never had any. There are even fewer symptoms when it comes to such goods because cannabinoid is delivered slowly and in portions. This takes a lot of time and does not lead to an overdose. 

One of the common side effects is dry mouth. this symptom is not severe and does not cause too many inconveniences. Hence, this symptom is nothing when taking into consideration all the benefits cannabidiol provides.

The consumers should know that as soon as the compound starts interacting with other medications, it inhibits the ability of the liver to eliminate the majority of them. In fact, it is not a problem at all if users stop consuming other medications when receiving cannabidiol. But if people are getting some medication for a heart condition or blood pressure while utilizing it, the medications will show zero effectiveness. This can lead to serious problems. That is why people should consult a doctor before they start applying cannabidiol patches.


Can a CBD patch make me high?

They can never get you high. This product contains a very low level of THC and a high level of cannabidiol. This way, consumers can receive most of the product`s benefits without the “high” effect.

Will CBD show on a drug test?

It is highly unlikely that the compound will show up in a drug test, especially when it comes to using patches. The thing is that people need to consume really high doses of CBD in this case. Even if it happens that the derivative is detected by a drug test, the result will be regarded as false positive.

Is it illegal to make use of transdermal CBD patches?

CBD products are allowed in many countries around the globe and can be freely used. At the same time, there is a number of countries where cannabidiol is still forbidden. It is a good idea to check the laws of the place you live before you start consuming any product.

Where can I buy CBD patches online?

If you live in one of the countries where CBD is allowed to be used, then you can purchase it in any online shop. For example, they are legal in all fifty states of America.


CBD is one of the best recent treatment methods which can help with a wide range of completely different health issues. There are many forms of products, but patches seem to be the best one. Using the transdermal ones, the consumers do not have to worry about many problems that can come with any other treatment method. For example, they can utilize them, and no one would find it out. They do not have to measure doses or prepare the product for usage. Instead, they can take any CBD patches available for sale and enjoy their wonderful effects and outstanding benefits.