CBD oil for dementia is one of the methods of medical treatment that has drawn a lot of professionals’ attention. The recent studies prove that it makes the lives of the sufferers and those surrounding them easier and more enjoyable. This can’t be underestimated because we are not only talking about memory loss and disorientation, which first come to people’s minds when they hear about Alzheimer’s, for example. Sufferers’ aggression is a real thing, commonly bringing disbalance to the life of the whole family. 

Dementia is a combination of various neurodegenerative processes. Researchers from all around the globe have been struggling to find some means of minimizing such dementia symptoms and have come to the conclusion that CBD can be very beneficial. 

CBD Oil for Dementia: What Is It?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis plants along with more than a hundred of others. Unlike THC, it is not specifically used for the purposes of entertainment. At the same time, it has a variety of curing effects on one’s body and mind. One of its applications today is dementia. 

Dementia is a combination of various conditions. It is rather a characteristic of certain diseases than a disease itself. Depending on a certain case, a patient may face various difficulties in a different extent. That is why CBD oil dosage for dementia is never the same. Reports state that the smallest dose can bring the desired effect (1). 

The Principles of CBD Oil for Dementia Work

There has been plenty of research investigating various properties of CBD oils for different dysfunctions. The bottom line is that it can improve a variety of processes in one’s body. To start with, the wide anti-inflammatory (2) features cure multiple conditions, including those in the heart. Cannabidiol shows considerable anti-ischemic effectiveness and prevents atherosclerosis. It is also beneficial for digestion, namely having antiemetic properties and helping to control one’s appetite. Moreover, it fastens broken bones recovery and strengthens them. 

No wonder, such a great number of applications made researchers think of cannabidiol benefits to the human brain. Today, a lot of studies (3) are aimed at this. In particular, King’s College London is starting a medical trial of Sativex, the formula of which is based on CBD and THC. It will be used on patients showing dementia and dementia-like symptoms such as anxiety and aggression. Though there has not been thoroughly checked medical data revealing the cannabidiol effect, it was legalized in 2018, and its side effects were proven to be minimal. Many patients and caretakers note that it reduces aggression towards others and alleviates dizziness. 

As it has been said above, cannabidiol can be derived from all cannabis plants. But for medical use, it is only derived from hemp grown locally. In many states, there are farms that provide their products to pharmaceutical companies. All the material is carefully checked by experts to minimize the chance of the side-effects connected to low-quality cannabidiol oils. 

These oils used for dementia treatment can be taken in the form of drops, sprays, capsules, or even gummies, each of which has different action time. Therefore, it is essential to select the right form if the patient needs immediate effect. While sprays and drops bring it, capsules are more suitable for those who also suffer from nausea and dizziness, too. 

The Major Types of CBD Oil for Dementia

The main typology of CBD Alzheimer’s and dementia oils is based on the ingredients the substance contains. From this point of view, we divide them into isolates (or pure cannabidiol) and full-spectrum oils. 

Pure cannabidiol only contains 99% purified substance, which is the one that is responsible for the curing effect. It has been isolated by the extraction process from any other cannabinoids and usually comes in the form of powder or crystals. This option has its own advantages. For starters, it has absolutely no taste or odor that can provoke nausea in some patients. It is deprived of all the traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is usually associated with most side-effects and can actually cause anxiety and panic attacks. When cannabis is used for entertainment purposes, it is cannabidiol that eliminates these THC properties. Besides, if you or those you take care of were prescribed a certain dosage, it will be easier for you to count it when there are no other ingredients in the substance. And finally, pure CBD is much less expensive, which is not only suitable for patients with low income, but also those who or whose relatives take large doses of cannabidiol. 

A full-spectrum CBD oil for dementia and Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, contains all cannabinoids from the plant. Here, cannabidiol prevails, too, because it is the natural cause of events. Cannabidiol makes 40% of hemp components as it grows. It surely has some THC, but there is less than 0.3% of it in full-spectrum substance. Many professionals and patients point out that full-spectrum oils are more beneficial for health. The components complete each other and provide a more versatile effect. In addition, they have other natural compounds, like fiber, proteins, and chlorophyll. The impact they produce all together is called the entourage one. As opposed to the synergetic effect in other medicine, here, it means that each component does its job separately, promising the broader range of therapeutic benefits.

Use CBD Oil for Dementia Right

We have mentioned that the cannabidiol dosage has not been approved for various purposes. So, if you are looking for the detailed instructions, we will have to disappoint you. Your doctor can advise how much CBD to take and whether it is better for you to have it purified or full-spectrum. A lot of reports online ensure that it is safer and more efficient to start small and proceed to larger doses. This, of course, makes sense, but please mind that not all the cases are the same, and different patients react to cannabinoids individually. 

Advantages of CBD Oil for Dementia

Above, we have discussed the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. In addition to curing the disease or eliminating its symptoms, CBD has other advantages for dementia sufferers. 

The first one is based on the saddest fact that in more than a decade, pharmacists have not come up with any other new efficient treatment of anxiety in dementia patients. That is why researching institutions around the globe have turned their attention to cannabidiol, and that is why it is at least worth trying.

Another benefit is the increased quality of the raw material. Previously, it was impossible to imagine it, but today farmers grow hemp with an exceptional level of responsibility for every aspect of their business. No need to say that it is legal and supervised, but manufacturers try even harder. Their products are often organic and freshly delivered to their pharmaceutical departments or other companies they cooperate with.

Cannabidiol is a natural, often entirely organic product that adds a lot to its value. People with severe diagnoses are often forced to use hard chemicals that may have more side-effects than you can imagine. We don’t imply that all medicines with the same effects can be replaced with CBD. A specialist is supposed to estimate the potential benefits to patients, not patients themselves. But if it’s possible from the doctor’s point of view, cannabidiol is an excellent alternative to others. 

Effectiveness of CBD Oil for Dementia

The diseases associated with dementia are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, as well as Vascular, Frontotemporal, and Lewy Bodies types of dementia. They all have their own mechanisms and influence one’s brain differently. Cannabidiol can potentially be used in all the cases because of the universal therapeutic action. 

For example, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients get worth because of the inflammation. This can be eliminated with the best CBD oil for Alzheimer’s. The same concerns patients who suffer from Huntington’s disease. Besides, it has recently been proven to increase hippocampal plasticity (4) and improve blood flow in the brain. This can be helpful for dementia patients, including those with memory problems. Cannabidiol is one of the means to prevent sleeping issues experienced by people with any type of dementia.

CBD has antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities that reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in particular. One of the Lewy Bodies dementia and Frontotemporal dementia symptoms is a rapid mood change. The negative side of it can turn into severe paranoia and suicidal tendencies. Therefore, cannabidiol mood-stabilizing effect (5) can play a significant role in a patient’s treatment.

Dementia patients often have a significant digestive imbalance, which can result in the complete refusal to eat. CBD has a massive antiemetic effect and is capable of changing the pattern of a patient’s nutrition for the better.    

Are There Any Side-Effects of CBD Oil for Dementia?

It seems that cannabidiol can be compared to a panacea. But beware and don’t take it literally. In this article, we want to underline the multitude of symptoms it can treat. At the same time, we can’t but warn you about the possible side-effects. 

As it probably happens with any other medicine, CBD users’ reports show separate cases of headache, diarrhea, mind-altering, etc. The problem with this information is that we don’t know all the other circumstances, and sometimes, even the brand is not indicated. A poor-quality product or other factors can cause such reactions. 

Cannabidiol research is indeed at its first stage today, and we don’t know everything about CBD side-effects. And no one knows how far it will go. A lot of activists are against treating people with what we are used to seeing as drugs not long before. Wonder what they will say about morphine to alleviate unbearable pain, but we are not here to judge the judges. On the contrary, protests might inspire the researchers to dig deeper into studying cannabidiol. Undoubtedly, this is a good thing. As of now, to prevent any unwanted reactions, manufactures encourage one to be in touch with the doctor all the time. It is also vital to report any aggravation that might be connected with cannabidiol usage. 


Where to buy CBD oils?

Sativex and Epidiolex are prescription drugs. They can and should be bought in the licensed pharmacies, including the online ones. Other CBD oil brands can be legally purchased in conventional and online stores if they are manufactured of agricultural hemp and don’t contain more than 0.3% of THC. 

What is the best CBD oil for dementia?

The one made by a reliable manufacturer, for sure. New brands keep arising on a daily basis: Lazarus Naturals, Corners Cannabis, Flora Sophia Botanicals, Mana Artisan, Sisters of the Valley, etc. Most of them have got enough reviews for you to make the right choice. 

Can I use CBD during pregnancy?

Clearly, CBD is very tempting for mothers-to-be, as it can help them get in control of their mood and prevent hated morning sickness. But! Future moms should avoid using it, and it has been highlighted in many studies. Though cannabidiol has been proven to be non-toxic even in large doses, we don’t know exactly its effect on the fetus. In this state, medicine is prescribed when its beneficial features surpass potential hazards to the baby. And when there is no information about it available, such prescription is not possible.  

Final Word

CBD and Alzheimer’s, as well as other forms of dementia, are going to be the topic of the prolific research and furious discussion many years from now. Today, we know that cannabidiol therapeutic contribution to one’s health is wide and powerful. On the other hand, it can only be used if the doctor tells you to because no medicine in the world has no side-effect. And those of cannabidiols have not been studied entirely yet. 

Either way, managing specific symptoms of dementia with CBD is an undeniable breakthrough. Many of them were considered to be irreversible in the past. But now the patients and caretakers have, at least, got some hope to improve their life quality.